“My ears are ringing; I just can’t talk right now…”

My mother, God, I don’t even know where to begin. She is a divine creature who is gifted with the power to destroy anyone’s self-esteem and make happiness look like an illusion. It’s really amazing how she can make a good story where you accomplished something into a chaotic event where nothing was achieved. Oh, and she has the capability to throw down 2 bottles of cabernet in about 3 hours, all by herself. She really is a gem. And I know what you’re thinking, I should respect her because she is my mother. Well, here’s the thing, I did respect her, I bent over backwards for her and still fucking do because I’m an idiot and constantly feel the need to seek her approval. But here’s the catch, SHE IS NEVER SATISFIED. No matter what I do, say, achieve, cook for her, clean, buy her, it doesn’t make a God damn difference because she is just ungrateful. She will literally sit on the phone all fucking day gossiping to her friends, but God forbid I need to talk to her, she has a headache or doesn’t feel good. Every day she has a new illness or something bothering her. I just can’t handle it much longer I really can’t, she makes me want to burn this whole house to the ground, and that says a lot because I have genuinely been working on my anger issues. But it’s not me, I will not blame myself anymore for the way she acts.

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